Q: What’s in a Unicorn Care Package?

A: The Unicorn Care Packages are personalized to the needs of their recipients. We work with Senior Homes to fill the packages with items that the residents and staff need the most. We also try to include some fun items (like interesting magazines, art tools, gardening supplies, or games), to inspire creativity and fun to take their minds off the difficult situation most of them are finding themselves in.


Q: When I donate or buy a Unicorn Care Package, where does my money go?

A: 100% of the money we collect through funding or get through the purchases of our UnicornCare Packages and merchandise go towards purchasing the products requested by those in need. These contributions allow us to cover our operating costs so we can focus our energy on doing good work.


Q: Have another question?

A: Please contact us and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.